About Us

The Quarters owner, Felicity, embodies the reference ‘jack of all trades.’ But unlike the end of the quote, this fun loving country girl originally from N.S.W is definitely a master of many.

"I was on a plane from Darwin to Broome when I sat next to a mate in the cattle live export business. I told him about the new Millinery studio I was planning to build and he suggested I put a bed in there to lodge business travelers like him,” reminisces Felicity.

“So after that conversation, the plan changed. I did some market research and I got really positive feedback. There was a need in the corporate business sector for accommodation that was flexible and private, allowing guests to come and go as they pleased with no check-in and their own access and facilities.”

The Quarters has since accommodated guests from numerous industries including the film and music industry, as well as the pastoral industry, government departments, local businesses and tourists.

Having come to Broome back in 1995 “on a trip around Australia,” Felicity has worked in the pastoral, hospitality, government and corporate sectors, all with a rural twist. As such, “The Quarters” has a rural theme providing guests with an insight and appreciation of the Kimberley's pastoral history.

With an outdoor Mandi bathroom and claw bath under the stars, you can see why “The Quarters” was the 2008 winner of the MBA Award for Construction Excellence.

Corporate travel never sounded so good.


4 Talboys place

Broome, WA 6725